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We are at a defining moment in our response to climate change. In the UK we are not exempt from the effects of climate change, from shifting weather patterns that have caused devastating flooding across large areas of the UK to coastal erosion, caused by more intense and frequent storms. These have impacts on all three pillars of sustainability – environmental damage, loss of livelihood and homes.

Our generation is the last one that can slow down or reverse climate developments. Without drastic action today, adapting to these impacts in the future will be more difficult and costly and above all, irreversible. People are more aware of what is happening and everybody can contribute on all levels, at home and at work. Taking responsible measures and using responsible materials will drive a positive change.

By using genuine sustainable materials, such as Marmoleum, in an office, school, train, hospital or retail store, you can contribute to a better environment!

Marmoleum Carbon Neutral - Brodie Flooring
Marmoleum Flooring Glasgow
Marmoleum Flooring Glasgow
Marmoleum Flooring Glasgow
Marmoleum Flooring Glasgow
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