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Brodie Flooring, Home of the Amtico & Karndean Specialists. We also specialise in Carpets, Vinyl, Wet Flooring, Marmoleum, Safety Flooring and Rubber Flooring.
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Carpet tiles

Carpet Tiles

Versatile and Flexible

versatile-symbBecause it is smart enough to add style to your living room, yet takes the knocks of being in your kitchen, Carpet tiles are the most versatile and flexible soft flooring option of all.


Easy to fit

easy-symbLaying Carpet Tiles are simplicity in itself. For areas less than 30m2 carpet tiles can be laid loose without the need for any tape or glue. No mess, little wastage and nothing is permanent.


Simple maintenance

maintenance-symbCarpet tiles are domestic flooring so vaccum it in the normal way. Should it become marked then simply pull up the tile and wash it. Or swap the tiles around to where a mark won’t be too obvious or replace the tile with a new one.



creativity-symbYour home is your own personal space and carpet tiles lets you express yourself through its inherent flexibility. With an exciting range of colours, styles, textures and patterns you are in control.


Durability and quality

durable-symbAll carpet tiles from us are backed by a 7-years guarantee. That is because we have confidence in the quality of the fibres, the strength of the backing and the ability of our product to meet your demands. Hard wearing, long lasting and stain resistant – We set the standards


Cost effective

cost-symbNo other domestic floor covering can provide the value for money like carpet tiles. You buy what you need so there’s little wastage and it’s easy to fit so no expensive tools, adhesives or specialist fitters will be required. Alternatively, if you would like some help, we are happy to help.